Activities at Camping Proti

To make your stay more enjoyable we offer:

- Beach-volley court, basket court, and also children playground.

- Also every day at the pool we provide swimming lessons for our little friends.

- And for those of you, who are more active and would like an alternative experience, you can have diving lessons after agreement, discovering the beauties of sea ground.

- To keep fit, don’t lose the lessons of Zumba fitness, where dance meets fitness and the basketball field of camping turns into a frenetic party.

What is Zumba:

Zumba is a team aerobic program, that blends latin, hip-hop, salsa and reggaeton rhythms with simple dance and aerobic movements, making a dynamic dance fitness program which exercises our bodies and helps to burn 400 – 1000 calories per hour. Zumba is addressed to all ages independently on physical condition. Nobody isn’t going to be bored because the amusement is its base.