• Waterfalls of Valta
    Waterfalls of Valta

    (Distance from Camping - 12Km) Near the municipal department of Valta, 5 km north of Gargalianoi, there is the forest of Valta that is crossed by a river at the banks of which beautiful waterfalls and lakes are formed..

  • Proti Island
    Proti Island

    (Distance from Camping - 1Nm) On the other side of City of Marathoupoli, against the backdrop of the Ionian Sea, as a natural wavebreaker rises the island Proti. The name of the island is..

  • Neda River
    Neda River

    (Distance from Camping - 40Km) The natural boundary between Messinia and Ilia is the valley of the Neda. Neda, nymph in mythology and goddess of the waters, gave its name to..

  • Polilimnio

    (Distance from Camping - 42Km) In a deep canyon of the Black Lake stream, there is Polilimnio with its lakes and waterfalls. Crossing an unique natural landscape there are 15 beautiful lakes with different..


  • Gialova Aquatic Habitat
    Gialova Aquatic Habitat

    (Distance from Camping - 16Km) Yalova’s aquatic habitat has been declared the southernmost Habitat of National Importance in the Balkans. It has been a part of the program “Life Natura”, being an..