• King Nestor Palace
    King Nestor Palace

    (Distance de Camping - 20Km) The Palace of Nestor, the Top Englianos, is among the most important monuments of Mycenaean era of Greece. The palace was built in the 13th century . B.C. the wise king ..

  • Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Χώρας
    Archaeological Museum of Chora

    (Distance de Camping - 17Km) The palace of Nestor at Englianos is one of the most important monuments of Mycenaean Hellas. The palace reached the peak of its prosperity in 13th century B.C. and was built..

  • Castles

    The castles are culturally important for Messenia. They were built mainly to serve defensive purposes, and so in important geographical position of the prefecture. The most..

  • Temple of Apollo Epicurius
    Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    (Distance de Camping - 85Km) The Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae (meaning "little vale in the rocks") of Figalia is one of the most important and imposing temples of antiquity. The temple was dedicated to Apollo Epikourios..